role: Design Lead

Multi-City Transportation
Policy Game

How do you inspire policymakers to create innovative global transportation policy? Through play! In Spring 2015, hundreds of transportation experts participated in a transportation-themed game that took place in Istanbul, Bangkok and DC simultaneously using public transit as the gameboard. 

Have you ever seen policymakers do the funky chicken in the metro?
coordinate "The Wave" with strangers on a vintage tram?
write love Poems For rickshaw drivers & commuters?

Before this game, we hadn’t either...

Primary Goals:

  • Explore the impact of transportation on public health, cultural heritage, economic growth, and the environment
  • Identify best practices and regional innovations
  • Provided a space for international teams to learn from each other, celebrate innovation champions and provide practical tools that built a sense of community around a common vision
  • Have fun! 


Working closely with the client’s source materials, we designed a game that would bring key policy concepts to life. The game was built to collect public insights and cultivate memorable learning moments with special emphasis on urban planning, geospatial tools, social welfare, risk management, & cultural heritage protection. 

In the course of the game, players traveled throughout their respective cities using local public transportation. They interviewed commuters, assessed disaster preparedness strategies, analyzed accessibility, solved puzzles and developed new ideas. Their tasks ranged from simple to complex, and touched on issues related to social inclusion, community resilience, civic engagement and government accountability. Players learned how to build sustainable and resilient communities across rural and urban areas, engage citizens, enhance social inclusion, and boost shared prosperity through visionary public transportation policy. 

The purpose of this game was to take theories OFF the whiteboard, and put them directly INTO the urban environment. As A result The experience was informative, engrossing, & wildly entertaining.