role: Design Lead

In April 2016, GoT fans were invited to play a live-action, interactive game that turned Austin, San Francisco & Atlanta into Westeros. Players in all three cities had an opportunity to compete against each other for access to the coveted Season 6 premiere screening hosted by HBO.

Teams protected dragon eggs, rode with the Dothrakis, delivered secret messages to maesters, practiced their archery skills, recreated the GoT theme song with kazoos & trashcans, fought on behalf of their House and sigil, and were grilled on GoT trivia (filmed by Lena Headey herself).  

While previous seasons were based off George R. R. Martin’s books, Season 6 was the first truly unknown storyline. This multi-city game experience was designed to be a space where GoT enthusiasts could develop their own theories, riff off the narrative by crafting their own Game of Thrones-inspired content, and build relationships with fellow fans.