role: Design Lead


A regional heritage coffee brand, seeking insight about their Millennial customers, requested a game that would combine quantitative data with qualitative market research techniques. Set in the beautiful neighborhood surrounding Frenchman Street, the game gave their employees an opportunity to engage with the landscape of southern Millennial entrepreneurship. 


  • Interview local Millennials about their businesses, their vision, and their contributions to their community.
  • Learn the history and cultural significance of a vibrant neighborhood that attracts creative Millennials from around the world.
  • Look beyond the numbers to better understand lifestyle choices among Millennial entrepreneurs.
  • Explore the nuanced ecosystem of art, music, policy, commerce and culture in southern cities.
  • Celebrate New Orleans.
  • Have a blast.

During the game, players had to find "secret agents" - Millennial business-owners, community organizers and creative activists - planted throughout the neighborhood. The players were quizzed on market research data and challenged to make their own observations about Millennial entrepreneurship. With clues hidden in tattoo parlors, dive bars, record stores, music venues and coffee shops, the city provided a dynamic backdrop for discovery. 

Tattoo Art Crawl 
DATA: 4 in 10 Millennials have tattoos.
PLAY: Players solved a puzzle by cross-referencing tattoo art on the walls of a local parlor, and asked the artist to share stories behind their favorite pieces. 

Dusty dig:
DATA: 2015 was a 26 year high in vinyl sales. 50% of vinyl consumers are under 25 years old. 
PLAY: By learning about local talent and rearranging their albums on display at a local record shop, players could decipher a hidden password. Then by whispering this password to the store manager, teams received prepaid vinyl gift cards that they could give out to strangers throughout the game. 

Marigny Sartorialist 
DATA: 50% of Millennials try to buy products that support causes or charities.
PLAY: Teams had to find a stylish Millennial stranger in the neighborhood and convince them to pose for a "street fashion blog photo shoot". But instead of interviewing the stranger about their outfit, players asked about their passions, and causes / organizations they love.

Special thanks to Louisiana Music Factory, Backstreet Cultural Museum, Goods That Matter, Dirty Coast, Blue Dream Vintage, Igor's Checkpoint Charlie, WWOZ and, NOLA Tattoo Museum for their contributions to their communities and to this experience. 
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